Furnace Repair Services in Altus, Oklahoma

When Altus, Oklahoma, winters strike, homeowners want to be sure their furnace is running strong. Without a working furnace, temperatures can drop unbearably low, leading to great discomfort. When repair issues occur, it is imperative homeowners rely on professionals for Furnace Repair services. With this guide, homeowners can learn more about these services and what they can expect.

Signs of Furnace Problems

When a furnace begins to break down, it will often start to exhibit signs that should never be ignored by homeowners. Ignoring the warning signs of pending problems will only result in increased damage that becomes more expensive and difficult to repair. Should a homeowner notice any of these signs, they should contact us right away for repairs.

    • * One of the first signs homeowners often notice is a lack of heat in their home. Some rooms may start to feel colder than others or the system may emit only cool air instead of warm.
    •  * Another noticeable sign of furnace problems is increased energy costs. When energy bills seem to be skyrocketing, individuals need to schedule an appointment for Furnace Repair Services in Altus, Oklahoma. With these services, energy costs can be brought down.
    • * If an older furnace is making strange noises or emitting odd odors, it is time to have it checked. Odd noises and odors are not normal and should not be ignored. Noises outside of the norm are often caused by loose or failing parts.
    •  * Short-cycling is a common problem when a furnace needs repair. If the furnace seems to run continuously or shuts down prematurely, repairs are needed. Short-cycling will lead to pronounced energy costs.

Do Not Wait to Seek Furnace Repairs

Dealing with furnace breakdowns can be stressful for homeowners. Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping homeowners in Atlus, Oklahoma. We provide a range of services, including furnace repair. If you have noticed any of the above signs, now is the time to seek repair services. Waiting too long could lead to further damage and a complete breakdown.

Taking a DIY approach is not sensible when it comes to furnace repairs. We often hear from customers who have attempted this approach and ended up paying more in the long run. Do not put your system and your wallet in danger. Rely on our services to ensure your furnace is up and running again as soon as possible. We offer repairs during normal business hours and emergency services for our customers without heat. Do not shiver in the cold! We are here to help.

Do You Need a New Furnace?

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-30 years. When a furnace begins reaching the end of its lifespan, it will start to break down more, causing increased repair bills. Before your system breaks down entirely, give us a call. We can help you choose the perfect new furnace to heat your home effectively. With our expert installation services, homeowners can rest assured their homes will be toasty warm all winter long. Consider the following signs to determine if it is time for a new system.

    • * Your furnace is over fifteen years old.
    •  * You are experiencing increased energy costs.
    •  * You are paying for increasingly expensive repairs.
    •  * Your furnace is heating unevenly.
    •  * The system is excessively rusty or embedded with dirt and debris.


Call us now for a furnace replacement. We will get rid of the old unit and put in the new one. With a new, energy-efficient model, heating your home will be much less expensive. You will find winters in Altus much easier to bear with these services.

Furnace Maintenance Is Important

Some homeowners do not understand the importance of furnace maintenance, and their systems begin to suffer. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure the filters are changed regularly. In addition to filter changes, it is also wise to rely on us for maintenance service packages.

We first check your furnace from top to bottom, making sure every area is working precisely. If any repair issues are discovered, they are reported to you immediately. We also lubricate moving parts and check to ensure all connections are tight and secure. With our maintenance services, your furnace will work more efficiently, and its lifespan will be extended.

Contact Us for an Appointment

If you are in need of furnace repair, maintenance, or installation services, contact Lambert Heat & Air LLC today. We provide the HVAC services you need when they are needed most.

Lambert Heat & Air LLC is dedicated to providing furnace and air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services. They offer affordable and reliable services homeowners can trust.