Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Altus, Oklahoma

Traditional heating and cooling systems require a complex duct system to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home. In addition to the initial installation costs, homeowners must also maintain the ductwork to ensure it doesn’t leak. Fortunately, there is another option that is perfect for new construction and additions to a home. Ductless Air Conditioning provides more options than conventional systems and can be installed at a fraction of the price of a new central air conditioning unit.


Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Unlike traditional HVAC, ductless systems, also called mini-splits, allow families to control the temperature in each room. Each indoor unit is connected to the outdoor compressor individually. This gives families more options when it comes to controlling the climate in their homes. Homeowners won’t waste electricity heating and cooling rooms that are rarely used.

Ductless air conditioning services are more energy-efficient than central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. In addition to eliminating the possibility of losing air through ducts, a mini-split uses less energy because it only needs to be used in certain rooms. There is no need to maintain the same temperature throughout the home when a family only uses a few rooms at a time.

A mini-duct can also be used in homes with an existing central air conditioning system. Homeowners who want to convert existing areas of the home without ducts into usable living spaces can do so with ductless systems. They are a great option for converting an attic into a bedroom or even turning a detached garage into a man cave. Adding a sunroom doesn’t have to mean installing new ductwork to make the space usable for the entire year. Simply put in a mini-duct to keep the room comfortable while enjoying the space year-round.


Installing Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless systems are appropriate for many types of homes. Experienced technicians can help homeowners determine if this type of system is right for their home. Whether the home has an existing duct system that is outdated or it is new construction without any climate control system in place, mini-ducts might be a great choice. Once the homeowner decides they want to use a ductless system, a technician can install the unit in a short period of time. Because installing this type of system doesn’t involve complicated interior ductwork, families can start using them much faster than traditional heating and cooling systems.


Maintaining Ductless Air Conditioning

Proper maintenance is essential to keeping any heating and air conditioning system running smoothly. Maintaining a ductless system is much more cost-efficient than a unit that utilizes air ducts throughout the home. Homeowners can do a lot to ensure their system keeps their home comfortable for the life of the unit, including keeping the filter clean and removing leaves, debris, and snow from the outdoor unit.

Homeowners who have used central air conditioning units know it’s important to keep the outdoor compressor clean and free of leaves and other debris. The unit needs to get proper airflow in order to work properly. Checking the unit regularly during the fall months and immediately after storms can help prevent costly repairs.

In addition to cooling a home, a mini-split can also be used to keep the house warm in the late fall and winter. When ductless air conditioning services in Altus, Oklahoma are used for heating, it’s important to keep the condenser free of ice and snow. This is very important because accumulated ice and snow can damage the unit.

It’s also important to keep the indoor filter clean. This is an easy process the technician can demonstrate when the system is installed. Filters should be removed and cleaned every four to six weeks. Homeowners with pets may need to clean their filters more frequently. Clean filters allow the air to flow easily and ensure maximum efficiency. This simple step can help homeowners keep their energy costs low throughout the year.

Although there are several things a homeowner can do on their own to maintain their ductless air conditioning unit, scheduling professional maintenance at least once a year can help ensure minor issues don’t become major problems. Homeowners should not attempt to disassemble their indoor or outdoor units, other than to clean the filter. Trained technicians can inspect the unit and determine if it needs to be repaired.

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