Air Conditioning Services in Altus, Oklahoma

There are many things around the home that a DIY homeowner can work on when a malfunction occurs, but issues with the air handling system should always be handled by a professional. Some homeowners might consider contacting a general handyman, but that typically leads to even more complications. To properly assess and repair this complex system, a technician who specializes in Heating and Air Conditioning Services should always be contacted first.

An Established Team to Service the Community

Located in Altus, OK, the team at Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning works hard to satisfy every customer. Specializing in HVAC repair and installation, the company has been serving the community for over 25 years while maintaining a positive BBB status. With a team of certified and experienced technicians, homeowners can rest assured that all heating and air issues will be resolved quickly with the utmost professionalism.

Meticulous AC Repair Service for Every Customer

When an AC unit breaks down, homeowners can only tolerate the heat for so long before contacting a repair service. Experienced technicians will always evaluate the entire system to ensure that they have pinpointed the problem before consulting with the homeowner. It could be something as simple as a tarnished sensor or as complex as locked-up mechanics; the technicians will work diligently to solve the problem and never leave a home before the cool air is flowing evenly again at the proper temperature.

Repairs Aren’t Always Enough to Keep Things Cool

Homeowners can go for years on end with the perfect HVAC system but the time inevitably comes when the unit loses efficiency and repairs are no longer a viable option. Since the thought of purchasing a brand new AC unit can be daunting, companies like Lambert Heat & Air offer a free estimate service. During the visit, a representative will evaluate the size and cooling demands of the house, along with the layout of ductwork, to determine the best replacement unit. The representative will then consult with the customer and make any modifications necessary to help them settle on a quote that fits into their budget while still meeting all their cooling needs. Financial Assistance is Available to All Who Apply

To assist homeowners who are struggling with the cost of a replacement AC unit, the company also provides access to affordable financing. Customers will meet with a financial representative who evaluates various payment plans to find one which doesn’t break the bank. In the end, homeowners will be able to enjoy a home that has returned to a nicely controlled climate while making comfortable monthly payments at an acceptable interest rate.

Keep an HVAC Unit Operating Smoothly Throughout the Year

Seasonal maintenance is one of the most important AC Services in Altus, Oklahoma that a homeowner should invest in. Each spring, a technician will inspect the AC unit and perform a full diagnostic test to ensure that the unit is performing properly as well as help determine if the Freon needs replenished or any of the mechanical and computerized parts require replacement. The technician will also clean out all of the dust and debris that has accumulated inside the unit, lubricate the working parts, check the condition of the condensate pump, test the batteries in the thermostat, and replace the air filter. This service extends the life of the air conditioning unit and increases its operating efficiency.

Dust and Dirt Are Always Ready to Enter Circulation

In addition to AC repair and installation, the team at Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning has extensive training in air duct cleaning. As the ductwork circulates air through the AC unit, the dust gets picked up and settles in all the interior nooks, crannies, and corners. Very few homeowners have a vacuum that can extend far into the ducts, so the accumulated dust and debris build up until it gets blown throughout the home or begins to limit airflow. Calling on the experts to clean out these contaminants with a specialized suction system will help eliminate any old pollutants and allergens that are sitting idle, just waiting to cause a problem.

Making Ductwork as Efficient as Possible

Another important aspect of the cleaning process involves the sealing of any joints or bends where the ducts may have gaps. These gaps allow air to escape which cuts down efficiency and limits the amount of cool air delivered to the rooms that need it. Technicians will thoroughly inspect the ductwork to find leaking areas and seal them shut so that none of the climate-controlled air escapes while blocking the possibility of drawing in contaminants.